Vision & Values

Success for All

School Vision

1. “Success for All”

All students can achieve.  No excuses and no exceptions.

2. Students should be taught by excellent staff who are enthusiastic and are driven to pass on a passion for lifelong learning.  They ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure engaging learning, plan effective intervention and pass on their enthusiasm for their subject.

3. The school should be a safe and harmonious environment where students enjoy learning and teachers enjoy teaching and feel part of a ‘family’ which will nurture and develop them.

4. We strive to become an outstanding school.  Central to this is effective self-evaluation including forensic interrogation of data and a tightly focussed improvement plan to ensure all groups make rapid progress in their learning.

5. The school should be at the centre of the community, working in partnership with parents, Governors, the Fosse Learning Alliance and the wider local community of South Wigston, Wigston and Leicester/Leicestershire.

School Priorities 2017 - 2018

1. Student Outcomes


  • Improve levels of progress and attainment for all students.  At KS3 80% of students to make at least expected progress.  At KS4 75% to make 3 levels of progress and 35% to make 4 levels of progress.
  • Improve levels of progress and attainment for disadvantaged students (PP, FSM, LAC, SEND, EAL, LA) to at least meet national averages.  At KS4 75% to make 3 levels of progress and 35% to make 4 levels of progress.
  • Diminish the gap between boys and girls, particularly in English.
  • Provide a curriculum that develops knowledge and skills explicitly.

2. Teaching, Learning and Assessment


  • All teachers plan and deliver lessons that are consistently good or outstanding.
  • Teachers use a variety of methods and strategies to check understanding and progress of all students.
  • Teachers provide feedback to support students which are actioned by students to ensure progress. 
  • Teachers have high expectations of students’ effort and behaviour.
  • All staff engage with the development of a whole school assessment system understood by both staff and students.

3. Personal Development, Behaviour, and Welfare


  • To consistently apply the school’s behaviour system to improve behaviour in all areas and reduce low level disruption.
  • Enable all students to be confident and positive learners.
  • Provide a suitable and engaging Personal, social and development curriculum.
  • Promote student and staff wellbeing.
  • Create an environment in which students work hard and have a positive attitude to learning.
  • Develop students SMSC and understanding of British Values and the Prevent agenda.

4. Leadership and Management


  • Leaders and managers create a culture of success and high expectations in both staff and students.
  • Leaders develop strategies for continuous improvement of student outcomes.
  • Leaders monitor and evaluate the progress of all students, including the explicit monitoring of key groups and disadvantaged students.
  • Leaders challenge and support staff to promote continual staff development.

5. To present a positive image of the school in all we do and say


  • Engage the community with the school.
  • Improve parental support for the school.
  • Promote staff cohesion and wellbeing.
  • Develop an effective praise and reward systems.
  • Create a positive school image with parents, students, and the community.