Our curriculum is designed to be a seamless continuation from KS2 to the end of KS4. We work closely with our three partner primary schools (Glen Hills, Parklands and Fairfield) to ensure this.

Being an 11-16 school means students move through our curriculum without interruption to their learning. KS3 blends into KS4 as our teachers are able to gradually adjust their lessons to develop this.

Students here become Year 10s earlier than in most schools because we begin KS4 in June, rather than wait until September. This means our students have two full years of study toward their exams at the end of Year 11.

Our curriculum at KS3 follows the national guidance while at KS4 we have designed two pathways to suit the needs of our students.

Several times each year we stop normal lessons and provide a different learning experience for our students. Our Healthy Lifestyles Day and One World Day are two examples where additional learning adds vital life skills for our young people.