Year 7 Progress of Learning

In Year 7 we use ‘Progress of Learning’ grids which provide a pathway of learning for our students across subject areas.  Each grid maps out the knowledge and understanding, skills and concepts they will be working on that year.

Through classwork, homework and assessments we are able to judge the progress students are making against the grid.  At the end of the year we would expect students to be competent in these areas.

There are four different pathways based on the student’s prior learning and attainment.  The pathway they follow is determined mainly on their Key Stage Two scaled scores for Reading and Maths, but also takes into account any baseline assessment completed on arrival at South Wigston and work completed in the first half term.  

The four bands are: Mastering, Progressing, Developing and Launching.  Every subject has a ‘Progress of Learning’ grid for each band.  

Please follow the links below to see subject ‘Progress of Learning’ grids.

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Humanities -

Languages -

Maths -

Performing Arts - 

A brief information sheet about the ‘Progress of Learning’ can be found here.