Head's Challenge

The Head’s Challenge is about personal development.  Each student takes part in a series of different challenges. The skills they learn will be vital tools in the future and will be attractive to employers.

This is an excellent stepping stone to the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme in Year 10. 

The Head’s Challenge is a real test for those who want to push themselves. Each year students who take part raise their effort and enthusiasm for school, many significantly. In other words the Head’s Challenge can help students improve their achievement across the curriculum. 

This year each student will complete eight challenges. These are:

  • A Skills Challenge (Students need to demonstrate that they have developed a range of skills, this year for example we offered an accredited Junior First Aid course)
  • A Family Challenge (We realise the importance of carers and parents getting involved.) 
  • A Club Challenge (Students get involved in a variety of extra-curricular clubs.)
  • A Community Challenge (Students are encouraged to take on a role or responsibility within the school. For example being a member of the school council or library monitor)
  • A Health and Fitness (Students completed a cross country run this year.)
  • A Fund Raising Challenge (Students are encouraged to raise funds to support the running of the scheme.)
  • An half-term mystery challenge

All students taking part will have their progress monitored throughout the year using their effort grades, attendance to school, teambuilding skills, attendance to meetings, commitment and positive behaviour.  These elements will be given credits and those with the highest number of credits will win prizes!

A range of awards are offered:

  1. This year a select number of students will take part in a 2 day outdoor pursuit’s expedition.
  2. There will be prizes for the termly mystery challenges.

So what’s in it for the students?   A wide variety of experiences are provided:

  • Challenges beyond the ordinary
  • Specially designed courses
  • Community Projects
  • A Mountain Walk
  • Certificates of Achievement and more

Are you ready for the Challenge? Mrs Keneson