Student Leadership


  • To represent the views of all students.
  • To provide opportunities for students to voice their opinions and to influence the way the school is managed
  • To enable students to develop confidence and empower them to become active citizens
  • To respond to issues raised as soon as possible, but no later than the next meeting


  • The student councils shall discuss issues raised by members representing all students
  • There are two councils, a lower school council (KS3) and upper school council (KS4) each tutor group has a form representatives who attends the meetings
  • The student councils disseminate information throughout the school through form announcements, head students, the daily bulletin and edmodo
  • It is the responsibility of the form representative to ensure that they represent their views of their tutor group/year group and are given the opportunity to comment on agenda items in advance
  • All Student Representatives shall be expected to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to their position on the Student Council
  • Student Representatives shall express the views and concerns of those they are representing


  • The Student Council consists of a Student Representatives from each tutor group (who have been formally elected by their Tutor Groups), Head students, Student Voice Leader, and a Pastoral Team Member


  • All students shall be entitled to stand for election as a Student Representative
  • Tutor group shall formally elect form representatives.  Head Students apply for their job through the Job Shop and are interviewed by the Head Teacher and the Student Voice Leader


  • The Student Council is split into four additional committees, which allow students to be involved in Interviewing 1 and 2, Literacy and Catering


  • The Student Council shall meet on a termly basis at a designated time and place

Our House System

Our house names were chosen to represent the qualities we stand for.

  • Doing your best
  • Respecting others
  • High effort
  • Giving 100%
  • Putting others first
  • Supporting Colleagues

Our houses are named after 7 men who died in Belgium in the Great War.  Their bodies were never found.  Our house names honour these heroic local men.  Honour them yearly with a poppy for Remembrance Day.  Together in day to day school life, as you represent your house.

  • Private James Spencer Potter
  • Trooper Thomas Chapman
  • Corporal Thomas Foster
  • Rifleman Arthur Mynard
  • Private George Boulter
  • Private Bernard Corbett
  • Sapper George Whyatt

We have various competitions to award students with House points, including a weekly challenge to develop the learning skills embedded in our lessons and bigger competitions every half term, such as talent shows.  

Student Council covers a range of different things within school, such as:

  • House Points
  • Inspire Future Students
  • Make decisions about the school
  • Winning House
  • Council Meetings
  • Non- Uniform Days
  • Charities
  • Prom 
  • Year Book