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Your child’s teachers will assign homework for many reasons.

Homework can help students to

  • review and practice what they’ve covered in lessons,
  • get ready for the next lesson,
  • learn to use resources, such as libraries, reference materials and websites to find information about a subject,
  • explore subjects more fully than lesson time permits,
  • extend learning by applying skills they already have to new situations,
  • integrate their learning by applying many different skills to a single task, such as book reports or science projects.

Homework also can help students to develop good study habits and positive attitudes.

It can

  • teach them to work independently.
  • encourage self-discipline and responsibility (assignments provide some children with their first chance to manage time and to meet deadlines).

In addition, homework can help create greater understanding between families and teachers and provide opportunities for increased communication. Monitoring homework keeps families informed about what their children are learning and their progress toward securing a sound understanding of the topics covered.

At South Wigston High School, all students are expected to read for 30 minutes each evening (accelerated reader for years 7-8) and spend 30 minutes studying and learning their knowledge organisers. They will also be required to complete their Memri Task on Hegarty Maths at least once per week (approximately 10-20 minutes).

Years 7-8 will then complete an additional piece of homework from one subject per week. Years 9, 10 & 11 will complete additional homework set by each of their GCSE subjects once per fortnight. This additional piece of homework should take the student at least one hour to complete.

All homework set by individual subjects will be communicated through Satchel One and Google Classroom where appropriate.

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