South Wigston reads

Mrs G says 'I have been practising Mindfulness for over 5 years and always looking to add to my depth of understanding and skills. Ruby Wax has written another incredible Mindfulness book which is informative, entertaining and very 2020-2021!'

Mrs Seal say’s, 'I wrote this novel in the first lockdown. I've always wanted to write a book, but never thought I'd have the time to do it.'

Book title: A Widow's Nightmare

Summary: A widowed thirty something, struggling to come to terms with the death of her husband, finds out the dark truths about his past after seeing an unfamiliar face at his funeral. Betrayal, deceit and uncertainty fill the air in the unraveling of a man's secret he decided to keep from his wife before he met his tragic death on his way to work. 

Mrs Read say’s, 'I am currently reading 'The owner's guide from puppy to old age on Minatare and standard Dachshunds'. Why am I reading this? Well, we are looking to home a loving puppy soon and welcome them into our home but before I need to know the key facts and get myself prepared! It tells you how to look after them, what to get before they arrive AND the history being them. Very interesting read!'

Mr O’Brien say’s, ‘I am reading: Catastrophe: Europe goes to war in 1914. Written by Max Hastings. It's an in depth look at how the war started and the events that unfolded from 1914. I am only on the 4th chapter so lots of reading to go. I find history fascinating and you are never to old to learn!’