Parents' Information

These pages have been designed to provide important information for parents. 

We hope you find them useful.

Feedback and contacts

At South Wigston High School we are dedicated to the success of our students in a safe and caring environment. Your feedback helps us to achieve this aim. 

If you think we have done something particularly well, this helps us to spread good practice, and encourages the staff involved. If you have concerns or suggestions about how we could do better, we welcome that feedback too. We will be happy to discuss the issues with you collaboratively and with an open mind, we will address them if it is in our power, and we will always give you a clear statement of our conclusions.

There are several ways to give us feedback:

Contact your child's Form Tutor, Pastoral Tutor or Head of Year via the contact section of the website

Or email any of these members of the Senior Leadership Team

Ms Chandler - Principal -

Ms McElhill - Senior Vice-Principlal -

Mr Ellerby - Vice-Principal -

Mr Hawketts - Assistant Principal -

Please always follow one of these routes in the first instance as this is the quickest and most effective way to deal with the matter.

Follow the links on the right or the relevant Documents and Policies at for further information.

We welcome engagement from local companies who may wish to deliver workshops relating to their business. Please email if you would like to take part in this wonderful opportunity.