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Curriculum Intent

Citizenship curriculum at South Wigston High School allows students to develop the knowledge, awareness and understanding of democracy, the government and how laws are made and upheld.

Our intention is to provide students with the opportunity to give them an insight into the world around them and what will affect them during their lives.

Students will be able to learn and develop these skills in Citizenship such as being able to analyse, evaluate and debate. Taking Citizenship Action will develop a range of skills such as research and enquiry, interpretation of evidence including primary and secondary sources, planning, problem solving, advocacy, campaigning, and collaboration.

Lastly, citizenship is important because it is a way to ensure students will know how to participate and in the political process and this will give them a say to an extent in the decisions that affect their lives.


At Key Stage Three Citizenship curriculum is mainly embedded into the PHSE lessons and assemblies. The curriculum content embedded is:

  • democracy and the government
  • human rights
  • law and justice
  • social responsibility
  • UK’s place in the world
  • British Values.


At Key Stage Four, for students studying the Edexcel GCSE Citizenship qualification, the themes are:

  • living together in the UK
  • democracy at work in the UK
  • how the law works
  • power and influence
  • taking Citizenship Action - this enables students to make a positive contribution to society by developing students’ knowledge and experience and giving them a chance to advocate for their issue.


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