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South Wigston High School

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Learning without Limits Academy Trust

Our Ethos & Values



   The ethos and values of the academy can be epitomised by the phrase "South Wigston CARES". CARES is our character framework and runs through everything we do. At South Wigston we strive for success for all. We have high expectations of ourselves and others.




COURAGEOUSWe are courageous when it comes to lessons. We are actively curious about learning, meeting every lesson and experience with determination and resilience and removing all barriers to success.

ACCEPTINGWe accept and value the unique contributions everybody makes at our school. We respect the united and inclusive community in which we belong and will take up the support that is offered to us from school to ensure we are all safe.

RESPONSIBLEWe recognise that we are responsible for our own success. We will turn up to lessons ready to learn, remaining focused during the school day. We will be respectful to staff and students by taking ownership for our own conduct. We will tackle every day with positivity and independence.

EMPLOYABLEBy working our hardest at all times and making the most of every single opportunity, we are shaping ourselves for the future and increasing our employability.

SUCCESSFULWe are ambitious in everything we do. We have high aspirations for ourselves and others around us. We want to be stretched and will support others as we aim for the highest standards. We work hard to ensure we make every day a success. 


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