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Learning without Limits Academy Trust


Weduc is our parent/carer engagement and communication app and it is designed to enhance communication between SWHS and the parents/carers of our students. 

Report an Absence

Education is a vital part of a child's development, and regular school attendance plays a crucial role in ensuring they receive a well-rounded education. However, should your child be unable to attend school for any reason, we ask that you make every effort to notify the school on the morning of any absence so we can record absence appropriately. Please do this by:

  • Phoning school before 08.45am
  • Submitting an absence using the Weduc App

How do I access the app?

  • You will need to register using the account provided to you by SWHS.
  • Make sure that your notifications for Weduc are turned on and you will receive updates instantly.

What is the Weduc App used for?

  • Report absences
  • Get quick access to important information via The Hub 
  • View the SWHS calendar 
  • Use the Newsfeed to keep up to date with your child's education 
  • Receive clear Notice Updates for important events (such as school closure, enrichment activities, non-uniform days).
  • Help us reduce paper waste 

What does the Weduc App look like?

colour strip