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Religious Education

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Religious Education at South Wigston High School is the study of religious beliefs and practices and how these beliefs influence people that follow them.

Curriculum Intent


At Key Stage Three there is an explorative approach to religious and non-religious traditions that have shaped the United Kingdom and the World. The six main world religions that are predominantly studied are Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism Islam, Judaism and Sikhism which also highlight inspirational religious figures.  The non-religious study is on Humanism. Furthermore, the curriculum content seeks to address the big questions about life, and noteworthy elements of philosophy and ethics that will enhance critical thinking.


At Key Stage Four, students studying the WJEC GCSE Religious Education qualification covers beliefs and practices of two religions and four ethical and philosophical themes which are Relationships, Life and Death, Good and Evil and Human Rights.

Our intention is to provide students with the opportunity to formulate their own opinions and be able to evaluate other viewpoints about the World they live in.

Students will be able to learn and develop these skills in Religious Education such as being able to analyse, evaluate, investigate, interpret, debate and application (making links). Lastly, a self-understanding where students could draw meaning from their own life and the life of others.

Learning Journey

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